Flama Festival

After several years analyzing the programs and observing the cultural void that exists in the main festivals of Flamenco and root music, this new proposal was born with the aim of bringing tops, personal and intimate format artists to this large audience that moves in Europe.

The spirit of our festival, wants to invite this new public of what is already a reality in Spain for decades, a fresher music and open to all types of mergers without forgetting the Flamenco we come from.

The engine of our project lies in three major branches, a cycle of intimate concerts in new spaces with top-level artists such as Fran Cortés (Chiquetete Hijo), Amparo Velasco ¨La Negra¨, Juan Fernandez ¨Panky¨, Maria José ¨Luna¨ , Dani Bonilla ...

A careful selection of large format artists in large spaces of the likes of Juanito Makande, Diego Carrasco, Tomasito, Canijo de Jerez, where once again we will bet on the new aspects of Flamenco.

In the academic field, we will follow our proven Masters Classes line with tops active artists such as Antonio Canales, Diego del Morao, Juan José Suarez ¨El Paquete¨, Ramón Porrina ...

As a complementary activity to our programming, we have included a proposal called "MEET & WINE" where at the end of each event we will offer our audience the opportunity to spend a pleasant time with the artist sharing a glass of wine making our events, an experience more exclusive